Everyone says that it is the little things that push you over. Since Harry’s diagnosis, I seem to come across too many people who are stressed for no apparent reason and appear to waste so much time on meaningless crap. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly can’t claim to be Saintly. Last week for example, I slammed down the phone on the poor ‘Customer Experience Operative’ loudly muttering ‘Pedantic Prick’. Ellie looked up, smiled and said “Mummy; Pedantic Prick’ is a proper Noun, isn’t it…?!”

As a forty-year old Mummy, braces were not in the game plan, but then very little really was. I have a legendary photo-face, capable of ruining pretty much any group shot and causing endless hours of hiliarity for my nearest and dearest. This is partly due to my wonky jaw and partly due to the fact that I am just a little gormless.

Anyhow, at 37 the decision was taken to give me braces in an effort to correct my bite and stave off the need for major surgery. Harry has never known me without braces and the in early days of his diagnosis; tears, snot and braces probably didn’t help to project me in the most capable of light!

On this particular day I was late for my Dental Appointment. My job involves working with surivoros of rape and sexual abuse so I could claim that we had had a crisis. The reality however, was that I had written down the time wrong and so when I was supposed to be at the Dentist I was, in-fact still at my desk, chatting to Jo about shoes.

I therefore, arrived fifteen mintues late. Unfortunately a quiet Daughter and her overtly loud Mother arrived just after. They had come early in the hope that they could squeeze the appointment into the daughter’s ridiculously busy and ridiculously important, academic and social schedule. When I walked in, the Denstist’s Wife popped out and told me that I should have been here earlier but ” not to worry it can be sorted”.

I apologised, sat down and for the first time in days and began to relax. Harry had been in hospital undergoing an MRI under General Anaesthetic on the Monday. Despite our fears and the stress leading up to the procedure, the results had been good. It was however a horrible procedure and I was exhausted and it was still only Wednesday!

As I flicked through a glossy magazine the women started to talk at her daughter. “This is ridiculous” she lamented. loudly. “Totally inconvenient” She turned to her daughter. “I need to get you back to school, I have to pick up the fresh vegetables for ‘Vegetable Art’ tomorrow (WTF!?). I need to wash and set my hair as Daddy and I are going out with his Japanese clients tonight”. She swiped at her phone, “Oh my God! you are going to miss your Drama lesson and what if you are late for Dinner?” Seriously you couldn’t make it up. To be fair I know nothing about her, her life, her stress so I can’t really judge but then she said ” Let’s ask to go before this one”. ‘This one’, being me!

I slammed my magainze down and looked straight at her. “Excuse me, but no-way”. I said. Then I lost it. “I have a child with a life-threatening illness, he’s just got out of hospital, again. Do you know how crass, stuck-up and pathetic you sound. “I don’t care”, I went on. “Whether she (pointing at the daughter) is back on school on time (clearly private school!) I care only whether my child get’s to see his second birthday.

On reflection I was a Cow and her daughter certainly didn’t deserve to see me shout at her Mum. She looked embarrassed and stared at the floor. The Mother paled (well, as much as her perfect make-up would allow), then she looked at me. “I am terribly sorry”. “We must sound quite silly to you” she reflected, Well…! She told me that she was sorry “for my life”, whilst I tried desperately to hold back the tears that were stinging my eyes.

I was called in. As I sat on the chair, I cried. Huge fat, snotty tears. What was it that had allowed this stuck-up princess to get to me quite so much. Really am I that unhinged? The Denstist’s Wife was great and so to be fair, was the Dentist. Albeit, he quickly nipped out to apologise on my behalf. Pretty sure she was one of his Private patients..!

“I walked out, into the glamming afternoon sunshine and straight into the massive white 4X4 which was parked across the driveway blocking my car. The irony is that Mrs Posh got the last laugh! As I drove home I reflected on my behaviour. I had no right to be quite so harsh but then maybe, just maybe she’ll think a little bit more in future…?

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