And Believe in Miracles


On December 10th of 2018 we were booked in to have our 20 week scan. I was 19 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and my husband and I were nervous but also excited to get a glimpse of our baby again, and hopefully find out if it was a boy or a girl. That night, we didn’t find out what the sex of our baby was, but we did find out that something was very wrong.

Our little baby, who turned out to be a boy, has hydrocephalus. That’s what a doctor explained to us the next day. His condition was severe and his chances of a bright future were little. His head was growing fast, and he definitely needed to be born prematurely to give him a chance at life.

We were very overwhelmed by all of this. We were scared of what might happen to our baby, yet also wanted to enjoy the seemingly happy kicking boy in my tummy. The weeks leading to the delivery were hard, but we pulled through, trying to make the most of it. We had scans every two weeks with a lovely doctor who spoke very lovingly to our baby whilst making the scans. We also kept seeing our wonderful midwife, who helped us process all our emotions and fears.

At a scan at 30 weeks we found out our baby’s head was getting to big. I was going to have to deliver soon. On March 6th (at 32 weeks) our beautiful son Judah was born. We spent 8 weeks in hospital with him where he had multiple MRI’s, surgery to get a Rickham Reservoir, and eventually surgery to get a VP shunt. Eventually he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus, schizencephaly and septo optic dysplasia; which basically means that there’s a lot going on in his little brain. We were so scared to lose him, but our brave little man pulled through!

Our doctors have been very scared for Judah’s future & ability to make contact with others, but he’s doing surprisingly well. Currently 7 weeks after his due date, he’s smiling, babbling, nursing and growing like a baby is supposed to do. We are so very proud at him for developing so well, despite everything in his brain that hasn’t developed like it should. Even though the future is unsure, we are certain that he will keep surprising us all!

We had a hard time fighting for him to live. My advice for other parents would be to stay true to yourself and your own instincts. Focus on loving your baby as much as you can, that’s the one thing you can do for him. Enjoy all the good moments and celebrate every little victory. And believe in miracles!

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